NEW!!! Modern Mysticism Locations & Dates - Modern Mysticism "Walking the Path of our Authentic Nature" is a cross-cultural educational and year long experiential course in the study of Self, designed to assist and support those who have a deep desire to walk the path of their Authentic Nature.

Healing Heart Retreats Locations & Dates - Healing Heart Retreats™ are available in three-day, five-day, seven-day and ten-day intensives. The longer the retreat, the deeper the healing, and the more profound the connection becomes to your soul. You get to meet, greet and experience the soul that you truly are!

Mother's Lap sessions are channeled and include messages of inspiration which Kathryn Leeman schedules as she is guided. Some channelings are conducted as solitary sessions and some include guests and interactive Q&A opportunities.

BlogTalkRadio Show Daring To Live Outloud! Sunday 7-8pm PST. A weekly, open conversation about living our lives more authentically and consciously. Archive access.

Transformational Soul Sessions - Each person is born with unique gifts and talents. Many of us do not know what they are and feel frustrated or lost. Have you ever had that knowing that you were here to do something but do not know what? Or do you already have a life dream, and do not know how to manifest it? Private consultations available.

Transformational Life Coaching - Give yourself the opportunity to find, develop, and execute your life purpose and desires!

Biofeedback Balancing for Stress - Quantum Interfacing is a state-of-the-art scientific breakthrough designed for stress reduction at all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Done in or outside of the office!

Psychic Consultation - At a crossroads in your life? In need of answers? Trying to discover your life dream or how to manifest it? Readings in person, on the phone or Skype.

Psychic Development Classes - Have you every wondered whether you have psychic abilities? Do you find yourself getting flashes of insights, dreams or premonitions? Regretted not following your gut feelings? Come learn how to use your gifts/talents with integrity, wisdom and grace.

Your Soul Contract – Discover what are the archetypal influences you chose to be born under (fate) and then learn how to manage them and invoke news ones, thus creating your destiny!

Past Life or Future Life Sessions - Through guided meditations using very special music get your own answers to questions such as - What is my purpose in life? Why do I continue to attract the same type of job or relationship over and over? Why did I end up with the parents I did? And more. Believing in past lives is not a requirement.

Aura/Chakra Pictures & Consultation - Discover the magic of your colors and the hidden gifts & talents you possess! Learn to harmonize yourself to stay healthy. Receive a 23-page print out and consult!

Meditation Classes - Meditation made easy! Release stress for your health and well-being. No former training or “empty mind” required.

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